Panorama Studios

Panorama Studios is a video production firm located in Cambria, California. We have over 30 years experience in producing and marketing videos and other media.

In addition to producing our own titles, we have increasingly focused on coaching other videographers to successfully produce and market special interest videos (also known as niche or how-to videos). You can learn more about that business here.

So how can you use video in your business? In addition to the obvious choice of commercials, here are a few examples:

• New Product Introduction

• Instructional or “How To”

• Corporate Message

• Breaking News

• Virtual Tour

• The possibilities are endless…

Our typical productions include educational videos geared to schools and institutions, documentaries, corporate, promotional and training videos, entertainment programs and more. We welcome your inquiries about using our services.

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Here are a few samples of various types of videos we produce.

This video was produced to showcase some of the products of Howard Products, Inc.

Following are some lighthearted spots we produced to promote our client’s heated toilet seats.

The following two were produced to go straight to YouTube.

This one is called “Priceless”

This one is called “A Seat Fit For A Queen”

TV Commercial For Central Coast Renaissance Faire

Bed & Breakfast Promotion

Promotion For Cacti DVD

Endorsement For University Program

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